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Greetings. Welcome to COEIEI Homepage.

We aim to encompass foreign language education, international education, and Global Citizenship education. We are going to provide programs focusing on these goals with the arrival of January 1st, 2022.

First, we are going to be the center of foreign language education where students can have engaging and meaningful experience. Teachers can learn a variety of learning strategies in future-oriented open language learning environment.

Second, we are going to provide school-centered support and international correspondents, so students can be aware of global values and cultural diversity

Third, with the Global Citizenship Education Center, we are going to provide a variety of programs and offer opportunities to improve multicultural and global citizenship awareness.

Even a gigantic tree starts from a single seed.

We are going to help every student realize their hopes and dreams for the future.

A place for all people to learn different languages and cultures and grow as global citizens. COEIEI will do its best to focus on students’ happiness as the center of education.